Ready for a journey to Ganymede ?

Ganymede is a competitive development and tableau-building game for 2 to 4 players. It plays 10 minutes per player.

Designed by Hope S. Hwang and illustrated by Oliver Mootoo, players are corporations specialized in transporting Settlers to Ganymede, where the Settlers Ships launch site is located. These Ships will lead the Settlers to distant planets of the galaxy ...

In Ganymede, resources (Settlers) are not spent but transported from a location to another thanks to the Shuttle cards used by players during the game. Settlers return to the reserve once a completed Settlers Ships takes off, rewarding players with victory points.

2 to 4 players, 14+
10 min per player

Designed by Hope S. HWANG
Illustrated by Oliver MOOTOO


You can find the English rules on our YouTube channel.

How to play

On their turn, the active player performs 1 action among the following 3 :

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How to win

The game end when a player completes their 4th Settlers Ship. Players score their completed Settlers Ships, their Reputation track and 1VP for each Settler on their uncompleted Settlers Ships. The player with the most VP wins the game !

Buy Ganymede online
Buy Ganymede online


- 52 Settlers meeples
- 90 Shuttles and Settlers Ships cards
- 4 Player Boards
- 4 Reputation markers
- 1 rulebook in 3 languages (English, French, Korean)