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• Q. : When picking a 4th Settler tile during an Action 1, I must discard another tile from my player board to make room for it. Do I gain a Basic Action since I discard a Settler tile ?

R : No, because you are currently performing Action 1 and not Action 3. The same for using a Shuttle (Action 2) that asks you to discard a Settler tile as an additional cost.

• Q. : When gaining an immediate take-off bonus (Row bonus or Reputation maximum), am I allowed to select an empty Ship ?

R. : Yes, you may choose any Ship on Ganymede, with no restriction.

• Q. : What means the bicolor Settler symbol on 2 Mars Shuttles ?

A. : : It means you may recruit a Settler of the indicated color only (blue or purple for the 1st Shuttle, red or yellow for the 2nd one).

• Q. : There is a blue Settler on the top Ship on Ganymede. If I use a Mars Shuttle that has 2 red Settlers in its prerequisite and an “Adapt” effect, am I allowed to move those 2 red Settlers to the top Ship on Ganymede, then “adapt” the blue meeple into a red one so there are 3 red Settlers to complete the top Ship ?

R. : No. The take-off conditions indicated on the right of the 2 Ships spaces are strict conditions you must meet before resolving any effect. In this case, you could move a red Settler to the bottom Ship on Ganymede (if no other red Settler on it) and the other one would be lots in space (see next question).

• Q. : After using a Shuttle, what happens to the Settlers who cannot reach their destination (no space on Mars, not eligible on Ganymede) ?

R. : These Settlers are lost in space and consequently return to the supply.

• Q. : Like Settlers tiles, am I limited to 3 Shuttles of each type ?

R. : No. You may use any number of Shuttles of the same type.

• Q. : Some Ships score 1VP for each Settler of a certain color on your Shuttles. Which Settlers symbols count for this scoring ?

R. : Only count the Settlers symbols indicated on the top of the Shuttles (their prerequisite). White Settlers symbols do not count for these scorings.

• Q. : When can I find an english rules explanation video ?

R. : You can find it here :

• Q. : : I would like to buy sleeves for this game, which size suits the best ?

R. : Ganymede cards size is 4,35x6,75cm. So select « Mini-Euro » size.


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